CRIME SCENE Documentation

CRIME SCENE Documentation: CRIME SCENE Documentation through private detective Pakistan or private detectives in Lahore or private detective in Islamabad regarding every aspect related to the incident scene is essential to the success of an investigation as well as when the case is brought to trial, will be crucial for the prosecution to be successful for the suspect. While the documents relevant to the crime scene that could require preparation have been mentioned previously It is useful to identify the typical documents that might require preparation below. 

  • Site Plan. 
  • List of exhibits that were recovered
  • Recovery/Seizure Memos
  • Photography
  • Victim Description
  • Arrest Memo
  • Witness Statements pursuant to Section. 154 Cr.P.C. 

Based on the specific incident, other documentation by private detective Pakistan or private detectives in Lahore or private detective in Islamabad could also be required in order to prepare. In the investigation, the police officer is expected to search people, buildings as well as vehicles. which could lead to the discovery or recovery of property stolen from a person or weapon documents, CDs, mobile phones, or other things that can be used as evidence of evidence against individuals being investigated. In fact, evidence obtained during a search could tie the suspect to the incident. Therefore, every search should be conducted in strict compliance with the rules of the law. Otherwise, the evidence collected could become suspect and could harm the case of the prosecutor. In the beginning, the court held that if the evidence is credible and reliable, the evidence that isn’t believed is no longer of any value because it is only corroborative evidence. 

This Court on a report of private detective Pakistan or private detectives in Lahore or private detective in Islamabad has already ruled in numerous cases that the site plan is not an actual element of evidence, and in case of direct evidence, the same cannot be ignored. In certain situations, the IO might seek help from an official known as a patwari (draftsman) to create an accurate site plan according to scale. This can be done in circumstances of violent crimes like killing or rioting.60 In most cases, the IO is able to create the site plan him/herself.61 The first version of the plan will be included in the Police Report to be sent to trial. The other copy is to be kept with the help of the police. In the original copy of the plan that will be used in the trial, the IO will refer to the facts that were discovered by him or her or any other members of the Police. In the second version, the Police will keep the IO is required to make notes of references based on statements of witnesses. What information should be recorded on the Site Plan? It is imperative to ensure that the overall plan conforms to the Istighasa (Complaint). The IO will have to examine the following according to the current circumstances of the situation The following must clearly and accurately identify North as well as South. The location under investigation can be examined in a counterclockwise direction. Make a precise sketch of the location of the incident, including the building, ground roadsides, parks, etc. Note the location of every witness, which includes the complainant on the sketch. 

The locations of witnesses must be noted on the plan of site. The site should be scrutinized through the point of view of witnesses. Names of each witness must be listed within the note. Note the place of presence of every accused in the drawing. The drawing must be completed as per Police Rule 25.13 59 2018, YLR 685 60 In accordance with Police Regulation 25.13 21 Muhammad Ashraf Khan Tareen v. the State 1995 PCrLJ 313: “Preparation of the site map by an expert is only required when the investigating officer considers it appropriate to seek help from a skilled man, and if not, there is no excuse for the preparation of the map by the officer in charge of investigating the investigation through private detective Pakistan or private detectives in Lahore or private detective in Islamabad.” Incorporate the name and location of the suspect on the list of notes. Note the locations of the items or materials that were recovered in the sketch. (Necessary evidence pieces should be retrieved at the scene of the incident such as blood-stained dust footprints of the suspects and so on.). * Name and description of the objects or material found within the note. If the police arrive at the scene of the crime Indicate from which direction they arrived. * If any accused fled the scene in a specific direction, state the direction that the suspect person(s) ran away. 

In the notes, include an account of the weather conditions, the date, and the time. The distance between the witnesses and the accused should be stated. The distance between the aggrieved and the accused must be noted. If the crime was committed in dark lighting conditions, other similar arrangements must be documented and kept in the event of a need by private detective Pakistan or private detectives in Lahore, or private detective in Islamabad. The goal is to prove that the witness or complainant, in the event that he was present at the scene of the crime and was able to clearly observe the event (the lighting source or light source, if there is one is vital to record). * Usually, logic observations, experience, and observation can be used to judge the dimensions of the scene. If there is an explosion or crime that is caused by a Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (IED), the crime scene will usually be significantly bigger. In this scenario, the perimeter of the crime is significantly larger. 

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